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We all know that good food equals a good mood. Sometimes, a good meal can also contribute to the greater good. These ethical cafes in Bali are doing the work by giving directly back to the communities that need it the most. ´

Give Cafe

With its yummy menu, tropical décor and heartfelt service, Give Café has no problem attracting customers. But this vegan venue is on a mission that goes far beyond filling your belly or providing the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram shot. True to its name, Give Cafe gives 100% of its profits to charity. Proceeds go to carefully chosen local charities which work to support local communities, animals and the environment. Customers even get to choose which of these initiatives they would like their money to be directed toward.

Give Café’s menu is 100% vegan with a focus on Indonesian flavours. This is yet another reason to visit the venue as most vegan restaurants in Bali focus on Western dishes. Give Café’s vegan nasi campur is simply to die for! Enjoying yummy vegan food while also helping out a great cause of your choice? Talk about a win-win!

Fair Warung Bale

Ubud is known as Bali’s spiritual and cultural capital. It is little wonder then that this beautiful region has also inspired one of the best ethical eateries on the island. Located just moments from Ubud’s bustling market, Fair Warung Bale serves delicious Indonesian food which in itself would make this venue worth visiting. But the warung does so much more than just provide sustenance for its patrons.

Run by the Fair Future Foundation, 100% of the restaurant’s profits go towards the foundation’s charitable work. Every meal purchased at Fair Warung Bale goes towards providing free medical consultations and care to the people and communities that need it the most. The warung is also committed to empowering young local people by providing job training for people aged between 15 – 20. All of this makes Fair Warung Bale a wonderful place to enjoy authentic local food and friendly service while also supporting the local community.

Inklusiv Warung

All too often, people with disabilities struggle to access basic rights in Indonesia. This includes employment. Inklusiv Warung is on a mission to change that by empowering marginalised communities. The venue lives up to its name (“Inclusive Eatery” in Indonesian) by employing members of the deaf community. A lot of thought has been put into making this an enjoyable and enriching experience for all. To order, guests can scan a QR code to access basic phrases in Indonesian Sign Language (you can also ask for help from a translator). Most guests are delighted to pick up a phrase or two of BISINDO – the local acronym for Indonesian Sign Language.

The whole café has been designed to feel warm and welcoming. This is visible in the colourful décor and the murals celebrating human diversity. The venue also offers a whole slew of workshops and theme nights, from live drawing sessions to drag queen nights and sign language workshops. The venue even hosts DJ sets with the bass turned up high, allowing deaf staff members and patrons to feel the vibration of the music. Even the menu feels irresistibly welcoming, focusing as it does on Western and Indonesian comfort foods.

Special mention: Forest Smoothie

There is nothing like a fresh tropical smoothie to cool you down in Bali’s tropical weather. Thanks to Forest Smoothie, that refreshing beverage can also contribute to the greater good. Forest Smoothie is a Bali-based reforestation initiative that partners with ethical cafes and restaurants across five continents.

The concept is simple: every time you order a Forest Smoothie at any of the participating venues, the organisation plants a tree to fight off deforestation. So far, they’ve planted over 34,000 trees. Taking part couldn’t be easier as Forest Smoothie has partnered with popular venues throughout Bali, including Ours, Good Mantra, Alchemy Bali and Suka Espresso. The exact content of the smoothie will vary from venue to venue, but all drinks are plant-based and made using fresh local ingredients. We’ll drink to that!

We hope you’ll give these ethical cafes a try the next time you’re in Bali! We promise you’ll go home with a full belly and a very happy heart.

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