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Updated: Friday 20th December, 2019

Did someone say dessert? While you’re on holiday in one of the world’s most exotic locations, food can be quite an exciting exploration task. Although you have a plethora of international cuisines and desserts to choose from, we’ve compiled some of the best places for you to indulge in some sinful pleasures that are only a short walk away from Chandra Bali Villas.

5 Great Afternoon Treats In Seminyak

RivaReno Gelato
When you’re walking around exploring places to eat, drink, shop and relax, on a hot Bali day, it could leave you to feeling a little exhausted and hot right? Look no further and cool off your palette at RivaReno Gelato, one of Seminyak’s most popular cafes for gelato that tastes as if it was made in the streets of Italy. Indulge in mouth-watering flavours of gelato, their innovative fusion of ingredients is a bit different than the norm, but it will definitely leave you craving for another scoop or two!

With gelato flavours like “Contessa” and “Coco” you know you’re in for a sinful treat. Alice and Coco, Crunchy Caramel, Red Orange and Hazelnut are a few recommended flavours. The menu is quite reasonably priced for all their dishes so all the more reason for you to try this icy cold goodness or one of their famous waffles! So, what are you flavouring today?

Image Courtesy: RivaReno Bali

Raw super-food confections at Earth Cafe
Among the chic restaurants on Oberoi Street, The Earth Café surely looks like a green leaf popping out of a jungle. Great news for vegetarians and organic lovers! Being inventive with their dishes by combining Indian and Japanese ingredients they have compiled a variety of organic dishes that will surely make your mouth water just by looking at their menu! Must try sweet treats at Earth Café : Blueberry or Strawberry Pie, Apple Cobbler, Cashew Custard and Coconut Kanten!

The vegan desserts actually contribute to your health and to top it off, they have excellent coffee. The salads, juices and smoothies are absolutely heavenly. Earth Café is next to Guardian pharmacy on Jalan Lesmana, Oberoi, Seminyak. All their delicacies can be enjoyed – wheat, gluten and needless to say – guilt free! For all your grocery needs, the Earth Café boasts one of the largest health-food shops in Bali.

Earth Cafe in Seminyak

Feel refreshed and cool off the heat by devouring on a cup of ‘fro yo’ at Chill Frozen Yogurt in Seminyak. Offer yourself the delight to a bowl of 100% low fat frozen yogurt. They have a variety of toppings like fresh fruits, candies, chocolates, granola, nuts and more for you to experiment. So after having a long day on the beach, you can take a break at Chill Frozen Yogurt which is just a short walk from the beach.
They offer all day breakfast, smoothies, pure juice extracts, salads and home-made pastries too!

Fro-Yo at Chill Frozen Yogurt in Seminyak

French pastries at Monsieur Spoon
A small, cosy patisserie tucked in Seminyak, Monsieur Spoon is one of the best French boutique bakeries in Bali. If you’re a Francophile or a pastry lover or you simply have a thing for the French (who doesn’t?) then you must visit Monsieur Spoon. They have a lovely outdoor seating area with wooden tables and chairs in the midst of lush greenery!

With a wide range of signature French treats like various croissant selections, Chocolatine, Raisin Swirl, Apple Chausson, brioche, Madeleine, tarts/tartlets, bread & buns – breakfast or coffee at Monsiuer’s is a gourmet affair to remember. You know what makes them spoil us even more? They are the only bakery that offers an online order and delivery service in South Bali. No wonder it’s so easy to fall in love with the French!

Monsieur Spoon in Seminyak

Balinese Sweets at Chandra
Bali has a lot to offer to travellers – from gorgeous beaches to friendly locals, this place feels like another world entirely. Just like the saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ the same applies in Bali. It is a different experience altogether when you live the traditional and cultural Bali lifestyle while you’re there. One of the most obvious is to try their food- especially desserts. The in-house chef at Chandra is definitely a connoisseur to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings – Bali style.

The famous Balinese treats are :
Babuh Injin (Black rice pudding, boiled in coconut milk and drizzled with palm sugar)
Pisang Goreng (Balinese style banana fritters)
Lalak (Indonesian version of a pancake)
Jaja Batun Bedil (Jaja in English is cake, while batun bedil means bullet. It is made from rice flour and coconut milk, shaped like a small bullet, caramelised with brown sugar and wrapped in a banana leaf)

Traditional Balinese Sweets at Chandra Bali Villas in Seminyak

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