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Updated: 19th November 2019

Bali is the ultimate vacation for several reasons and the beaches, food and general carefree vibe are just some of them. If you have over-indulged in the lip-smacking food, need the perfect beach body, or just want to blow off some steam, head over to the many workout classes or gyms in Seminyak. Here, we’ve picked three workouts you must consider when in Bali.


‘Work It!’ the Bali Way – 5 Workouts to Get You Pumping!

1. HIIT Workout

If the long walks on beaches are not enough work out for you, then enrol yourself into one of the many HIIT classes at Soham. Their HIIT workouts can help you burn up to 800 kcal per session. If that’s not enough motivation to enrol, then we don’t know what is. Choose from spinning, martial arts, P.U.M.P., and more to get your heart rate up and get fitter.

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2. Capoeira

You haven’t heard of Capoeira? Well, let us introduce you to the coolest way to get fit. Originating in Brazil, Capoeira is part dance, part martial arts, and a whole lot of fit. If you ever needed a reason to get fit or you’re looking for some #fitspo, Capoeira could be the answer to all your fitness related wonderings.

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3. Functional Training

When we have had one too many mojitos and indulgences of gelato, this 45-minute workout is just what you will need to snap your fitness regime back into shape. With no two days being the same, F45 delivers a high-intensity, circuit training workout class in a team environment jam packed with members from all over the world. Every class boasts trainers who will improve your technique and push you too your limits. Burn between 700 – 1000 caleries with the added bonus of a DJ mixing beats whilst you workout for Saturday classes. Talk about fun!

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4. Empire Fit Club

If you are looking to really put yourself through your paces, Empire Fit Club pushed you to achieve results with its combination of circuit training and obstacle challenges. The concept was created by a former US Active Duty Marine and thus with influence from his training, their workouts focus on using both your bodyweight and equipment to achieve a fun and unique workout, unlike anything you have done before. It would be admist of us to not mention their incredile open-air gym, surrounded by rice fields in Kerobokan.

**If you are interested in yoga classes, they also offer this as part of their schedule as well.

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5. CrossFit Seminyak

A global craze that has swept throughout the fitness communities and beyond is CrossFit training. If you are wanting to indulge in a full body workout which combines core training, cardio, weightlifting and an element of gymnastics – CrossFit is the workout for you! Their program has been developed to tailor to each individual as they scale load the intensity to suit.

**Their range of programs include weightlifting, mobility and movement as well as bootcamp style.

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If this doesn’t cut it for you and you’re looking for the experts to come to you, just let us know and we will arrange a private session for you. International instructors with a wealth of knowledge can train you in your villa according to your convenience. If you’re looking to pick up a few slick, self-defence moves, you are at the right place. At your Chandra villa, you can engage in a few sessions of martial arts like Tai Chi, ChiGung and Taekwondo. Hatha, Ivengar, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Sivananda are just some of the Yoga styles you can learn here. A peaceful session of meditation along with your workout or instead of the workout can also be planned for you. Chandra offers a well-rounded stay, where we have something exciting for everyone!



  • Bali is an island and area of Indonesia. The territory incorporates the island of Bali and a couple of littler neighboring islands, quite Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. It is situated at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java toward the west and Lombok toward the east. Bali is most beautiful, but Singapore is also very beautiful. you should go for Singapore and Bali holidays. I recommended you Roaming Routes website to book your package for your next trip.

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