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Indonesian cuisine with its subtle mix of unusual flavours has swiftly moved to the top of the list for most people. The combination of meat, vegetables and condiments makes the flavour palette stand out. Indonesian food is best described as heavenly. This combined with the precision and finesse of a gourmet chef, delivers meals that are incomparable.

Indonesian restaurants in Seminyak are serving delicious authentic dishes fusing the traditional with unique flavours and world class cooking. Each of our favourite restaurants has carved a niche for themselves. From creative gourmet concepts to jaw-dropping architecture and design, the hottest restaurants aren’t holding back while wooing their guests.

6 Indonesian Restaurants in Seminyak with a Unique Twist

When you stay at Chandra, our drivers can easily drop you at  these restaurants located in our neighbourhood for some wow-factor food.

1. KAUM: Unforgettable Indonesian Cuisine the Fine Dining Way

Kaum has dived deep into the Indonesian archipelago to create a diversified menu with dishes from the native clans and tribes of Indonesia. The spices, flavours and method of preparation has been learnt from the various tribes making the food authentic and distinctive. Some of the décor has been handcrafted by local tribes’ people adding a touch of authenticity and a flair of uniqueness. Kaum is fantastic for a family dinner, friends catching up or date night.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 600,000

Type: Fine Dining

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2. Chandi: A Fresh & Local Diet

Chandi prides itself on serving people following all types of diets like paleo, pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free while using high-quality products. Their vegetables and soy products are locally sourced while their meat is flown in from Australia and New Zealand. They serve delicious modern Indonesian and Asian cuisine with some seriously delicious Bali-inspired cocktails. Children will love the diverse menu and parents will be happy to know that the ingredients are fresh and local.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 250,000

Type: Casual Dining


3. Merah Putih: Stunning Architecture with Delicious Food
Merah Putih wins not just with its modernised, and intensely flavoured  traditional food but also for the grand cathedral-style architecture. It is a larger-than-life experience. The translucent pillars catch rainwater, transfering it to a water treatment unit on site for the restaurant to use. The glass walls are solar filtered  to keep the light in and heat out. This restaurant combines stunning design and eco-sustainability with ease, and we’re all impressed. This upscale restaurant is great for couples and friends – best to leave the toddlers in the trusting hands of our on-demand nannies at Chandra.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 450,000

Type: Fine Dining

merah putih restaurant bali1

4. Teatro Gastroteque: Boutique Fine Dining French-Indonesian Restaurant

Go on a gastronomical adventure with Teatro as their culinary team serves divine French cuisine fused with Indonesian elements. The ambience, presentation and striking flavours have won them a loyal fan following. Enjoy the degustation menu with friends or that special someone. Stroll over to this restaurant for a fine dining experience that stands out from the crowd!

P.S. This cosy place is perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 2,500,000

Type: Fine Dining


5. Sangsaka Restaurant

Sangsaka, Merah Putih’s little sister,  serves modern Indonesian cuisine. Different dishes are cooked on various types of woods and charcoals giving them a distinct flavour. Sangsaka delivers an intimate fine dining experience without the heavy price tag. It’s a  9-course tasting meal and  a great place for a romantic dinner or a fun night out with friends.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 520,000

Type: Casual Dining


6. Bambu Restaurant

If you’re craving Indonesian food but want to dig deeper and go beyond a typical dish of nasi goreng or Gado Gado, Bambu is the place to be. With a menu, that changes every week and a team dedicated to perfecting every dish, Bambu is hailed as the Holy Grail for authentic Indonesian food. Tucked away from the main street, this is the perfect setting for long talks with friends or a casual night out.

Average Cost for 2: Rp 800,000

Type: Casual Dining

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At Chandra, we value our customers and make it a point to provide an exceptional experience with a personalised touch. If you would like to relax in your villa, we would be happy to get food delivered to you. If you would like us to customise your meals, we can plan a perfect evening for you, complete with a personal chef.

To know more about our services, please visit our website or contact us.

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