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Having a family holiday marked on the calendar can be just the thing to keep everyone on track until the school holidays. But when you’re the one doing the actual planning, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are our insider tips for planning your next family holiday.

1. Set your intentions

The first thing to consider is what would your ideal holiday look like. Where would you stay, what would you do and what would you most rather eat? Are you looking for an action-packed holiday or would you prefer to spend most of your time relaxing by the pool? Once you have your answers – and remember, they have to apply to the whole family! – you can get down to the nitty-gritty of planning your holiday.

2. Choose the location

When you’re travelling with family, accessibility is one of the key things to consider. Think about how you will reach your destination and how will you get out and about with the kids in tow. If you’re looking to dine out most days and try out different activities, make sure these are easily accessible from your accommodation. Many parts of Bali are beautiful, but difficult to access and lack in basic infrastructure. Seminyak, on the other hand, ticks all the boxes for families, being just 30 minutes from the airport, with direct access to family-friendly beaches, restaurants and shopping.

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3. Pick the perfect accommodation

For a stress-free holiday, choose accommodation that is explicitly family-friendly. This means all the facilities have been designed with families in mind, allowing you and the kids to enjoy yourselves to the fullest in a safe environment. Plus, you won’t need to endure eye rolls and judgy eyes when your kids run wild! Chandra Villas is located in a safe and quiet part of Seminyak. Our villas have beautiful pools that the kids will love and we provide a pool fence free of charge. The living room is ideally setup for watching movies and all the bedrooms are perfectly air-conditioned, ensuring smooth naptimes and restorative overnight slumber. The Balinese culture cherishes children and our attentive staff is no exception. If you need more hands-on help, we also provide a dedicated babysitting service.

4. Do a safety check

Safety is a top priority when travelling with kids. Seminyak and Bali by large are very safe, but of course, we all want to take extra percussions when travelling with children. This includes taking out travel insurance before your trip. You’ll also want to consider the location and layout of your accommodation – is it a safe option for your family? Chandra Villas is located in a quiet part of Seminyak and our villas are fully enclosed inside a gated complex. To ensure a safe environment for the whole family, we also provide a pool fence free of charge. Thanks to our central location, pharmacies and medical clinics are also within easy reach. It’s unlikely you’ll need them – but it’s nice to have that extra peace of mind when you’re travelling with kids.

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5. Food for thought

Eating well is one of the best things about travelling – but we all know that mealtimes can turn into a real circus when you have kids in tow! That’s why it’s good to plan ahead and consider the dining options that’ll be available during your trip. Of course, in Seminyak, you’ll have access to all the best restaurants, offering every cuisine under the sun. When you or the kids don’t feel like heading out, we also offer a delivery service from local restaurants. Having access to a full kitchen can also be a lifesaver. Our villas come with full kitchens which is great for preparing and keeping snacks handy. Our culinary team will prepare breakfast in your villa (giving mom and dad a well-deserved break from breakfast duty!) and can also whip up meals, snacks and fresh juices throughout the day.

In Villa Bbq Chandra Bali Villas Chefhihk

6. Plan your activities

What would everyone like to do during your trip? Is there enough for everyone to do in the local area? Would you like to try surfing, explore Balinese temples or perhaps visit Bali’s famous beach clubs? Whichever your preference, our team at Chandra will make it happen. Our concierge can organise taxis and coordinate everything from surf lessons to day trips around the island. If mom and dad would like to head out on their own, we can also organise a nanny to keep an eye on the kids.

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7. Pack strategically

It’s almost time for take-off! Overpacking is one of the most common mistakes for family travellers. Of course, you want to be well prepared, but lugging around a huge suitcase filled with things you really don’t need is hardly relaxing. To take the stress out of packing, keep in mind that there are few things you cannot buy in Bali, from nappies to baby food and beyond, and the big local supermarkets carry all the international brands. To help you travel even lighter, we provide a range of baby-care items free of charge, including cots, high-chairs, a stroller and a potty chair, leaving more space in your suitcase for some souvenir shopping.

8. Remember to plan ahead!

If you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends, playing things by ear can make for a really fun trip. But leaving things to the last minute doesn’t really work when you’re travelling with kids. Start planning early, so you can take your time and you don’t have to settle for whatever accommodation happens to be available at the last minute. Plus, once the trip’s been booked, the whole family will have something fun to look forward to!

Ready to start planning your next family holiday in Bali? Find out more about families at Chandra Villas. Do you have any questions? We’re here to help! Get in touch with our team.

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