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Chandra uses Pinterest

Chandra uses Pinterest as a virtual concierge

You already know it. Bali is full of amazing food, fashion, artisinal handi-crafts of great style, beauty and quality, scenery that is both awesome and inspiring and culture that is fascinating and accessible. The question is, how do you make the most of your relatively short time on the island?

Chandra uses Pinterest to curate our favourite selections of restaurants, cafes, shopping, children’s activities, cultural shows and tours. We’re here to help you plan your trip without spending hours online disappearing down the rabbit-holes of the internet.

Pinterest is our virtual concierge, accessible all of the time, and updated constantly. It’s a reflection of our owners favourite Bali gems, those our staff know and love and as a cumulative feedback from satisfied guest experiences. If you haven’t already popped over to see how Chandra uses Pinterest, have a look today.


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