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Stunning sandy beaches. Lush green jungles. Misty mountains and picture-perfect waterfalls. Bali’s natural beauty takes many forms and attracts visitors from far and wide. But the island needs our help! Here are some of the environmental initiatives we at Chandra Villas are taking to protect the island we love.

Paper straws all the way

There is nothing quite like a fresh young coconut to cool you down after a day spent out in the sun. At Chandra Villas, you can sip your coconut with a clear conscience as we exclusively use paper straws instead of plastic. Plastic straws are small objects which, sadly, have a huge impact on the environment: Ocean Conservancy ranks plastic straws among the top 10 contributors to plastic marine debris. While it takes just 2 – 6 weeks for paper straws to decompose, for plastic straws, the same number is 200 years!

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Clean without the chemicals

“Very clean”, “super clean” and “extremely clean.” These are direct quotes from past guests describing the maintenance of our villas. While we take great pride in our high hygiene standards, we also know the damaging impact many cleaning products have on the environment. To forgo harmful chemicals that would eventually find their way into Bali’s waterways, we use an eco-friendly lime solution instead of harsh chemicals to clean the floors. This leaves our villas sparkling clean without harming the environment.

Reusable shopping bags

Did you know that while the average time a plastic bag is used just 12-minutes, it will take hundreds of years for that same bag to decompose? Seeing the devastating impact they are having on the environment and how deadly they are for marine life, we are thrilled that plastic bags have officially been banned in Bali since 2019. We do our part in keeping the island green and plastic-free by providing our guests with reusable shopping bags.

Responsible waste management

We have all heard the simple guideline for sustainable travel: take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. The latter part is easy to do when you know your waste is being managed in a sustainable and responsible way, instead of being left to burden the local ecosystem. That’s why we collaborate with EcoBali for our waste management system. Through responsible waste management, we’re helping to protect the environment, local communities as well as animals and marine life.

Turning used cooking oil into biodiesel

Bali is known as a foodies’ paradise, with restaurants catering to every taste and dietary preference. Preparing all those delicious meals means that throughout Bali, restaurants, villas and hotels go through a lot of cooking oil on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there hasn’t always been a sustainable way to dispose of used cooking oil which has led to water and soil pollution. We work with a local company that turns used cooking oil into biodiesel. This helps dispose of the oil in a sustainable way as well as provides a green alternative to fossil fuels.


In Bali, being eco-friendly is not just about following the latest trends – it is a way of life. Harmony with nature is one of the key pillars of the local philosophy for life known as Tri Hita Karana – the three causes of well-being. Chandra Villas is committed to honouring this tradition by doing our part in keeping Bali green.

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