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Post updated: 10th September 2019

Fashion in Bali is a mix of bohemian and sophistication, party wear and chic with a strong emphasis on comfort. Bali is the place to shop in Asia with its fashion inspired by the carefree waves and winds flowing throughout the island. Here is a roundup of six hottest boutiques and brands to watch for when in Bali.


This store is perfect for the free spirited bohemian-rocker shopper. With multiple brands under one roof, you can shop for clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and much more. Men and women can find designs in edgy designs, perfect to let your hair down in Bali or back home.

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2. The Tailor & His Lover

This brand is all about fashionable resort wear. If bohemian is not your thing, you can always move towards The Tailor & His Lover. You can find tailored garments that are so chic, you’ll want to wear them all the time. Transform your look by slipping into one of their famous shorts perfect for the beach, boat and parties!

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The Tailor His Lover

3. Uluwatu Lace

As the name suggests, Uluwatu Lace boutique has a huge collection of garments made using gorgeous handcrafted lace. Uluwatu Lace boutique has commandeered a loyal following over the last 30 years with mesmerising pieces that exude feminine grace.

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Uluwatu Lace

4. Thaikila

Formerly known as Blue Glue, Thaikila is known for its sexy swimwear. You cannot go to Bali and not own a Thaikila bikini. Yes! They’re that good. Their bikinis are extremely fashionable with hand sewn embellishments and glamorous designs. What really sets them apart is the comfort. The bikinis are designed to provide comfort to women of all sizes.

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5. Daun & Co

Locally designed and made in-house in the Daun & Co Bali studio, this on-trend brand creates timeless fashion and leather good in original designs to please the feminine physique. With options to suit all occasions, Daun & Co is a must-visit, with two stores to choose from in the shopping district of Seminyak.

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chandravillas bali daunco seminyak

6. 21DGRS

Now that we have covered clothes, it’s time to move on to accessories. If you like your accessories to really stand out, 21DGRS is perfect for you. Edgy jewellery inspired by tribal designs, mysticism, and alchemy are part of this brilliant collection. All products are handmade by local craftsmen.

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Chandra Bali Villas is located in Seminyak, where major brands and boutiques are present. You can walk to some of the boutiques mentioned above. If you like, we can arrange for a chauffeur driven car for you. You can drive around in air conditioning and fill up the trunk with fashionable clothing to take home.


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