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So you’ve booked that dream holiday and everyone is packed and ready to go. But at the back of your mind, there is still that gnawing worry – the dread of that much-needed holiday turning into yet another to-do list to tackle, with you in charge of making sure that everyone is fed, happy and entertained. Yikes!

We’re here to put your mind at ease. As we always like to say: at Chandra Villas, the world does revolve around you! That means that we’re here to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger during your well-deserved holiday. Here’s what a carefree day at Chandra looks like.

9am – Breakfast by the pool

Good morning! A typical day at Chandra starts with a dip in the pool, surrounded by tropical gardens and absolute privacy. Our chef will be on breakfast duty (at the time that suits you best) while you laze about in your PJs or catch some rays by the pool. Our attendants will take care of the dishes and keep the villa sparkling clean throughout your stay – don’t even think about doing chores while on holiday!

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11am – Relax o’clock

How about a mid-morning massage? After all, you’re on holiday! Thanks to our in-villa spa services, you can let the spa come to you. Simply let us know what time you’d like a massage and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also organise simultaneous massages for the whole group. Getting pampered really couldn’t be easier!

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12pm – Oops, did I leave X, Y or Z at home?

We all know that sinking feeling – “Oh no, I left so-and-so at home!” At Chandra Villas, you can check your worries at the door. Our villas are fully stocked with all the essentials, including extensive crockery and cutlery. We also have a range of baby items available free of charge – these include cots, high chairs, a stroller, a potty chair and inflatable pool toys. If anything’s missing, we’ll be happy to pick it up for you at the nearby markets. Thanks to our grocery service, you won’t even have to worry about keeping the fridge stocked.

1pm – Who’s hungry?

Seminyak is filled with epic restaurants! We’ll be happy to make recommendations and book you a table at the most sought-after venues. Or maybe you feel like some takeout instead? No problem! We also offer a delivery service from the most popular restaurants in the area.

2pm – Me-time for the parents

Bali offers plenty of opportunities for family-friendly fun – but sometimes, mum and dad just need a break! Our babysitters are on hand to watch the kids for a few hours while you head out for a coffee run, a bit of shopping, or a surf session. The nannies can even stay overnight if needed or simply keep an extra eye on the kids while you enjoy a well-deserved break by the pool.

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4pm – Making memories

Bali is a beautiful island with so much to offer – so much so, that planning an outing might feel overwhelming! Our concierge team can handle all the logistics for you and help you plan the perfect excursion. We’ll be happy to provide insider tips on the best places to visit and the experiences you really shouldn’t miss. We can arrange taxis, day trips, and cruises for you – or you can experience the local culture without even leaving the villa! Our cultural experiences allow you to learn to make Balinese offerings in the comfort and privacy of your villa. If you’d prefer something a little more fitness-focused, we can also arrange yoga lessons and martial arts classes.

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6 pm – I need a drink!

Feeling parched after a fun outing or an immersive yoga class? Our villa attendants will be happy to serve fresh juices and cold drinks by the pool. Again, all you have to do is ask!

7pm – Dinner time!

Cap off the day with a delicious dinner prepared by our chef. Our culinary team will work their magic while you relax by the pool or enjoy a decadent flower petal bath. We’ll happily accommodate dietary restrictions and appease even the pickiest of little eaters. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your mealtime, we can also arrange Balinese dancers to perform at your villa. All that’s left for you to do is to show up and enjoy yourself… and then do it all over again tomorrow!

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Ready to live out your perfect day in Bali? Get in touch with our team!

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