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What’s a vacation without cold Bali beers? Grab your favourite international beer or discover some of Indonesia’s deliciously brewed local Bali beers. With warm weather and perfect beaches nearby, Indonesia’s local brews are famous for their distinct flavours perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Some are brewed using pure spring water, and some burst with fruity and floral undertones. Others, created in dark flavours will have you reminiscing long after you’ve left this land of wonderful gold in a bottle.

Local Bali Beers You Must Try!

1. Bintang Beer

An all-time favourite, Bintang tops the list of popular Bali beers in Indonesia. This malt and hops flavoured beer is absolutely delightful with a refreshing aftertaste. With 4.7% alcohol content, this lager beer has a modest ester aroma.

Made From: Barley
Produced In: Indonesia

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1.Bintang Beer

2. Stark Craft Beer & 1945 Beer

Stark Craft Beer is a pioneer of Indonesian Craft beer. Their beers are brewed using pure Balinese mountain spring water and their range includes wheat beer, dark wheat, low carb, mango ale, lychee ale and and Indonesian pale ale (IPA).

Made From: Malt
Produced In: North Bali

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2.Stark Beer

3. Anker Beer

Anker Beer is a pale lager famous for its distinctive flavour. As well as their lager beers, they produce Anker Stout and pilsner beers. Anker Beer is manufactured by PT Delta Djakarta Tbk among several other types of beer. Founded in 1932, their breweries are located in Jalan Inspeksi Tarum Barat, East Bekasi and West Java.

Made From: Malt
Produced In: Jakarta

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4. Bali Hai

Originally only available exclusively in Bali, Bali Hai beer is now available country-wide. This beer has fruity and floral notes and can be the perfect beverage choice for a hot day at the beach.

Made From: Two-row European Malt
Produced In: Bali

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4.Bali Hai

Kombucha – A Little Something for the Teetotallers

Kombucha is a fantastic option for non-drinkers. This lightly effervescent non-alcoholic tea drink has people going crazy for it! We can arrange for a glass of kombucha during breakfast or while lying by your private pool at Chandra.


1. Happy Kombucha Secret Lab

From the moment you take your first sip of kombucha, you are hooked! Happy Kombucha takes its inspiration from the 2000 year old Chinese tradition of creating various flavours of kombucha that boost immunity, give energy, rehydrate the body and more.

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6.happy kombucha

2. Kombuchi Brewing Co

Kombuchi Brewing Co’s offering is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifiers and more. They offer kombuchas and smoothie bowls in several flavours using a wide range of ingredients.

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7.kombuchi brewing co

3. Earth Kombucha

Earth Kombucha offers five flavours of kombucha that are made in-house using specific strains of bacteria and yeast. Their ingredients ensure the kombuchas are rich in probiotics.

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Get Your Beer On!

Grab a cold one in one of the many Seminyak restaurants serving great food with a great view. If you would like to sip on any of the listed Bali beers in your private villa or at the beach, pop in to the local supermarket nearby to purchase, or at Chandra, your villa staff will be happy to run over to the supermarket and purchase some local Bali beers and snacks.

  1. Restaurants & Bars in Seminyak & Kuta
    • Potato Head
    • Old Man’s Beer Garden
  2. Supermarkets in Seminyak & Kuta
    • Bintang Supermarket Seminyak
    • Beer & Co. Kuta

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