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When it comes to creating the perfect romantic getaway, Chandra Bali Villas offers an enchanting escape that caters to every couple’s desires. Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, our luxurious villas provide an idyllic setting for lovebirds to reconnect and create lasting memories. Here’s how Chandra Bali Villas can transform your romantic retreat into an unforgettable experience.

Candlelit Dinners Under the Stars

Our staff can arrange a private candlelit dinner at Chandra Bali Villas by your villa’s pool. Savour a gourmet meal prepared by our expert chefs, tailored to your taste, and enjoy a selection of fine wines and cocktails. This intimate dining experience will ignite sparks and create memories to cherish forever.

Relax and Rejuvenate Together

From soothing massages to revitalising facials, our skilled therapists bring the spa experience to you. Share a couples’ massage in the privacy of your villa, followed by a flower-filled bath to complete your pampering session. For those who enjoy more active relaxation, join a private yoga session designed to align your bodies and minds, fostering deeper connection and tranquillity.

Dive into Your Private Paradise

Each villa at Chandra Bali Villas features a private pool, perfect for secluded swims and sunbathing. Lounge on the poolside deck with a refreshing drink, or take a moonlit dip for a truly magical experience. Our villas’ lush gardens and serene water features create a tranquil atmosphere, making every moment spent together feel special and intimate.

Adventures for Two

While relaxation is key, a touch of adventure adds excitement to any romantic getaway. Explore the vibrant surroundings of Seminyak together, from chic boutiques and art galleries to bustling markets and beachside bars. For a unique experience, let us arrange a car and driver before you head south to Nusa Dua for a round of tropical golf, or the Bukit to surf at some of Bali’s best beach breaks. Head north to Ubud for easy day-trips to take in Bali’s rice terraces, acclaimed day spas, the Green School and the many temples on the way.

Personalised Romantic Touches

At Chandra Bali Villas, we understand that the little details make a big difference. Our dedicated staff is on hand to personalise your stay, whether it’s arranging a surprise breakfast in bed, decorating your villa with flowers, or organising a sunset picnic on the beach. Whatever your romantic vision, we strive to make it a reality.

Celebrate Love with Special Occasions

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, or simply the joy of being together, Chandra Bali Villas is the perfect backdrop for your special moments. Our spacious villas and exceptional service provide everything you need to celebrate in style. Let us help you plan a memorable event, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, ensuring your love story unfolds beautifully in Bali.

Book your stay today, and let us craft the perfect romantic experience for you and your partner.

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