1.3.5 Bed Villa Garden

Lush, turquoise water with plenty of lounging options.

2. 3.5 Villa Living

Penty of space to kick back and enjoy the company.

3. 3.5 Bed Villa Living

Light, bright living for an inspirational holiday.

4. 3.5 Bed Villa Master

Chic in mono-chrome.

5. 3.5 Bed Villa Bedroom

Good-night, sleep tight.

6. 3.5 Bed Villa Master

A spacious sexy master bedroom.

7. 3.5 Bed Villa Dining

Dinner for 10. Fresh fusion.

8. 3.5 Bed Villa Dining

Sleek & shiny, a more neutral palette.

9. 3.5 Bed Villa Half Bedroom

The nanny room with 3/4 sized bed and ensuite bathroom.

10. 3.5 Bed Villa Half Bedroom

The half bedroom is a great childs room, with bathroom.

11. 3.5 Bed Villa Bathroom

Bathing with attitude. Mind the statue!

12 3.5 Bed Villa Bathroom

Clean contemporary lines. The indoor part of an outdoor bathroom.