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Caroline Major

Caroline Major, Chandra Luxury Villas Ambassador

Welcome to the Chandra Luxury Villas Bali Blog!


Thanks for stopping by our new Chandra Luxury Villas Bali Blog. 

We’ve decided for 2015 to keep a blog to give us a voice to directly  communicate all the great deals at Chandra Luxury Villas and the product developments we’ve got planned in 2015. Then there are promotions that we’ll be publishing here and on our social media pages. We’d also like to become a source of information about Bali. We’re here, living it and want you to know when is the best time to plan your next holiday by show-casing the events, restaurants and activities that are constantly coming on-stream in Bali.

For the moment, most of the posts will be written by me, Caroline Major, one of the owners. I’ve spent a good number of years travel writing about beautiful islands across the world and done lots of Bali research before settling down with a family. We want to talk about the many updates and improvements to our online presence, both on this website and on our social media pages through this blog. We hope you’ll find them both informative and compelling. We also hope you’ll follow us and enjoy the journey with us. For those of you who have stayed at Chandra before and are part of our family, it’s great to know you can hear us. For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for?

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