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It has been said that our in-villa massage service is a soul-soothing experience like no other. We might be bias, but we couldn’t agree more! We truly want to ensure you have the chance to relax and rejuvenate during your stay. Whether you are wanting to work out some knots with a deep healing massage or simply make your soul glow – it doesn’t get much better than enjoying one of our in-house massage services in the privacy of your own villa.

“When I next come back to Chandra for a holiday, I’ll be prebooking five days of healing massage with Joko and his expert healing team. They achieved results in 3 sessions I’ve been chasing for months at home.” Roger September 2015

chandravillas poolside massage service

It’s All About Relaxtion

Luxury and privacy are key to a relaxing experience, and our in-house massage services grants you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of blissful in-villa massages in the privacy of your own villa. With a variety of treatments on offer, relax your way and feel rejuvenated after indulging on one of the following massage experiences.

Note: For relaxation, the therapists are female.

Travel Tonic

The traveller’s tonic relieves muscle tension and other aches and pains. It includes a deep pressure dry full body massage, facial treatment and relief from fluid retention.

Balinese Massage

Indulge in a traditional full body Balinese massage aimed at relieving tension, promoting blood flow through a combination of palm pressure, long thoughtful strokes and stretching techniques – all of which will eases stress and calm the mind.

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils positively affect well-being and deepen the penetration of massage movements to relieve stress, relax and soothe away muscle aches. Oils improve circulation and rebalance the nervous system.

Reflexology Foot

Ideal for those who have shopped til’ they dropped – indulge in a stimulating foot massage aimed at increasing circulation and promoting specific body and muscular function by releasing tension in the feet.

Head Massage

Prepare to be transported to a blissful state where all your stresses are melted away whilst our therapists relieve the tension, clear your mind and relax your body.

Back Massage

Sometimes, all we need is firm pressure with warm hands on your upper back and neck to truly give you a great start to the relaxation process.

Deep Tissue Massage

Restoring your overall sense of well being by enjoying a slow unique style of deep tissue massage. This massage is based on cross fibre strokes, kneading, friction and firm pressure with particular emphasis on the joints.


A rejuvenating and stimulating blend of long massage strokes, deep stimulation on muscles and joints along with general stretching throughout the body. Combines Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai & reflexology techniques for a full-body experience.

Fruits Body Glow

Ideal for nourishing and stimulating the skin. Begin with a foot wash, deep pressure dry massage followed by an avocado exfoliation. After a refreshing shower, enjoy a flower oil massage and finish with an avocado scrub packed with vitamins & minerals.

Healing is Key

Sometimes all it takes is for you body to relax, and then you will find the aches and niggles of day-to-day life start to creep through. We want to ensure you are in the best possible hands and so have partners with one of Bali’s leading Physical Therapy clinics that are professionally trained in deep healing and relief treatments. Joko, in his practice as a personal healing practitioner and massage therapist; uses acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, chakra & body rebalancing, energy flow facilitation and traditional herbal medicine.

Note: Not for the faint hearted, this is healing massage which can sometimes be a bit painful. We advise communicating with our male therapists if you have particular areas which require therapy.

Javanese Healing Treatment

This treatment is deeply healing for acute and chronic ailments and injuries. It relieves pain and facilitates the body’s natural energy flow through removing blockages using key pressure points through acupressure and deep tissue massage relieving the very basis of the problem areas.

Pure Relief Sports Massage

The perfect cure for muscular discomfort connected to sports activities. This unique technique aids in clearing lactic acid and releasing stiffness while relaxing the muscles – we find it is highly beneficial for active people and athletes.

Full Body Reflexology

Hands, feet and head. Most people know reflexology just for the feet but this is a full body treatment that will leave you feeling like you’re on a cloud.

Divine Balance Holistic Healing

This therapeutic treatment uses the techniques of Reflexology and Acupressure to stimulate both the blood and energy system focusing upon key pressure points and nerve endings. It addresses health problems both physical and mental, rebalancing the body in a holistic way when we experience serious tensions, deficiencies and fatigue.

Renewed Energy Refresh

A classic full body massage which concentrates on re-energizing and refreshing the body, using a unique combination of reflexology and acupressure points with aromatherapy to beat fatigue, low energy levels and vitality problems.

Vertebrae Treatment

With Life-force Muscle Repair Massage Oil containing essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint, Grapefruit.

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Now, Relax!

We will bring the spa to you and whisk your senses away to a blissful rejuvenating state. Kick back in the comfort and privacy of your own villa with the choice of enjoying your treatment poolside or in your bedroom for airconditioned comfort. One of our therapists will set up the massage bed whilst you sip on a refreshing cold-pressed juice before inviting you to simply relax and allow your mind to float away whilst we provide you with a luxurious in-villa massage treatment.

Reservations can be made at least 1-hour before, or in advance for the best possible experience. Our treatments range from 30-minutes to 2-hours in length. Whether you are needing a healing experience or simply wanting to relax; our aim is to give you access to the best experience within the privacy of your own villa. It’s rejuvenating and saves travel time. Book your in-villa massage treatment here.

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