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If you have just one day in Bali, spend it in Seminyak but if you have another day, go to Ubud! You might have heard of Ubud’s lush green rice fields, mesmeric cultural spots and fun eateries set amid a landscape that is deeply intertwined with culture and nature but let us set the record straight; it’s so much more than that. Sit back and take in sweeping views of verdant rice fields under clear blue skies in Balinese paradise. There are so many places we’d love for you to visit but here are a handful of our favourite do-not-miss destinations in magnificent Ubud.


bali rice fields

Ubud is our go-to place to soak in Indonesian culture. From getting a close look at the religious ceremonies to admiring ancient architecture standing tall amid busy cobbled streets, Ubud takes your breath away. We love Goa Gajah Temple that translates to the Elephant Cave with intricate rock wall carvings created to worship Lord Ganesha. Ubud Palace sits smack in the centre of the city serving as one of the most prominent landmarks. Wake a walk through the courtyard and historically significant spots adorned with mesmeric architectural pieces. Visit the famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces for a day you will never forget. You can rent a cycle and pedal across scenic rice fields stopping on the way to chat with the friendly farmers and locals. Re-energise with a fresh meal at one of the many restaurants strategically located around the fields with astounding views.


janni deler monkey forest ubud bali

Image Courtesy: Jon Olsson & Janni Deler
Start your day by cycling through the emerald green rice fields. Then head to Bali Swing. Located on a cliff, this is the destination for a screaming revisit to fun-filled childhood days. Head to Monkey Forest, a labyrinth of steps and bridges lined with monkeys lounging casually on statues of monkeys. Chase the Instagram-worthy Tibumana Waterfalls falling gloriously into an amphitheatre-like structure. The Tegenungan Waterfall surrounded by lush greenery is located in Ubud Village. It’s the perfect place to spend a few hours splashing around. Visit the temple located nearby to take in the mesmerising architecture and scenic view. You can also go white water rafting, hiking, Campuhan Ridge Walk, cycling through Bamboo Forest or on an elephant safari.

Shopping & Dining

The main city centre located close to Ubud Palace is great for traditional and Western meals including freshly brewed coffee. The streets are lined with excellent cafes and boutiques. To get your hands on the locally made rattan bags, sarongs and home décor, head to the nooks of the famous Ubud market hiding some pretty drool-worthy items.

Planning your Ubud Trip

bali sanur beaches

Call in the experts when you want to chalk out your itinerary and make bookings in advance. Our superhero team can help you plan a calm and serene trip or a super adventurous one based on your interests. With first-hand experience exploring the region as well as assisting several of our guests, we can make your magical Ubud trip happen in a jiffy.

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