Where to Find the Best Coffee in Seminyak

The coffee scene is Seminyak and all of Bali has exploded recently. Now, coffee is one of the preferred beverages to sip on, on your Bali holiday. Just kidding, alcohol is still the ideal beverage, but freshly brewed heavenly coffee can’t be ignored either. Whether you stop by for the wide variety of rich blends or the picture-perfect cafes, but a coffee while you’re in Seminyak is a must.

Your Cuppa Joe in Seminyak Bali

Listed below are four cafes and restaurants serving delicious coffee to kick start your day, serve as a pick-me-up after a shopping spree or the perfect location for a lazy afternoon. All these places are located less than 15 minutes’ walking distance from Chandra Bali Villas.

1. Sisterfields

If you’re looking for a home away from home, Sisterfields is pretty much it. With marble interiors and food fit for the western tourists, this boutique café is modelled around an Australian café. Slip in for their house blend of beans from Sumatra and Kintamani and stay for the ambience and vibe.

Image Courtesy: Sisterfields Bali

2. Revolver Espresso 

Located 5 minutes away from your Chandra villa, Revolver Espresso has the entire tourist population excited about coffee in Bali. Not only are they serving some of the best locally roasted coffees in Bali, they are also supplying it to other cafes. Need we say more about the flavour palette and the level of perfection here?

Image Courtesy: Revolver Espresso

3. Expat Roasters

Expat Roasters is the brainchild of the very successful entrepreneur Adam McAsey and the equally talented Barista Shae Macnamara (who has picked up quite a few awards). They serve ingenious blends of superior beans sourced from Indonesia tastefully combined with products sourced from across the world. The result? Uber impressive!

Image Courtesy: Expat. Roasters

4. Pison Coffee

This café knows seriously good coffee. From one-of-a-kind combinations to traditional beverages, Pison serves up seriously good coffee! The food here is exceptional as well. With exposed brick interiors, live music and heavenly food and coffee, the atmosphere is relaxed yet energized. Pison is best visited for a meal and coffee.

Image Courtesy: Pison Coffee

If the relaxed Bali feel has taken over and you can’t get out of your pool or sunbed, your private villa at Chandra is equipped with its own coffee machine as well. Additionally, the chef serves coffee to die for! Sip on a freshly brewed latte in the morning or finish off your meal with an espresso. Sometimes the most tantalizing and heavenly coffee could be in your own backyard.

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