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Bali is officially back, baby! The island is getting busier by the day, with more and more visitors heading back to Bali after a long break. There’s no denying that the island was a lot quieter during the pandemic. But not so at Chandra Villas, where we have been keeping busy throughout! We didn’t just settle for maintaining our beautiful villas, but we’ve actually made a few improvements and upgrades. Here’s what we got up to in 2021.

We never closed

First things first: we never closed! Chandra Villas has stayed open and continued operations throughout the pandemic. This wasn’t the case for many properties in Bali, as many villas and hotels were closed and as a result, left without regular maintenance. Because we never closed, our maintenance has always continued,
and our staff training has never ceased. We had the pleasure to keep welcoming guests throughout the past year – these are just some of the reviews we received in 2021:

“Good breakfast, large villa, all amenities in excellent condition.”
“Great service, staff very helpful and friendly.”
“The villa is comfortable, clean, quiet and very suitable for a vacation with family.
The service is friendly, the breakfast is served on time, and there are several menu choices suitable for families.:

We became CHSE certified

The safety and well-being of our guests have always been our top priority. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that in 2021, Chandra Villas officially became CHSE Certified. The CHSE Certificate is awarded to venues that meet the hygiene, health, safety and environmental sustainability standards set by the Government of Indonesia. Find out more about Chandra’s CHSE Certificate and the benefits of choosing CHSE Certified accommodation in Bali.

We are vaccinated

At Chandra Villas, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all our guests. We also want to protect our employees and the local community. That’s why we’re happy to announce that all our staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Overall, Bali has a very high vaccination rate and to date, nearly 90% of the population has received at least 2 doses.

staff 2

We upgraded our villas

Are you busy creating a vision board for your next Bali getaway? When scrolling through our Instagram feed, you can rest assured that our villas match what you see online. We have kept our villas in immaculate condition – as all the guests who stayed with us in 2021 can confirm. It bears repeating: Chandra remained open throughout the pandemic! Besides maintaining our high standards, we also replaced and upgraded equipment in several villas, including water dispensers and refrigerators.

Chandravillas Hungryinhongkong 21

Our team got married, had babies and got promoted

At Chandra Villas, our team has always been a family and going through this challenging period together has brought us all closer than ever. We also know that our superstar team is what guests love most about our villas – though the gorgeous private pools don’t hurt either! In 2021, it gave us great joy to witness members of
our team getting married and welcoming new members into their families. As our staff training never ceased, our team was also able to keep growing professionally, whether that meant changing roles or moving up the ladder through a promotion.

chandra staff

Though the past year had its challenges, we at Chandra have been fortunate enough to keep doing what we love. We are so grateful for all the love we have been receiving during the past two years. Seeing all the throwback photos from past guests counting down the days until they can return to Chandra Villas has meant the world to us. We can’t wait to welcome you all back to beautiful Bali!

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